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emerged in 2001 to provide a “gouge-free” alternative to professional tax prep.  Upon conception (prior to regulations) taxEase was a simple approach to tax preparation, reasonably priced and extended to members of a small community.

Being customer service minded, it was a “no-brainer” to offer free pick up and delivery to my neighbors and the policy was soon extended to all of Butte County (within 1/2 mile of paved/maintained road).  “Pick up & Delivery”  works like this:

                 I drop by to gather the information needed to prepare your tax return.  This initial interview is brief, I will ask questions to determine which forms you’re required to file and other pertinent, personal information  (your birthday, etc.).  If your paperwork is pretty much “all there” this visit takes about five minutes.

                 If it is a straight-forward return (no schedule C, D or E) I am prepared to complete the tax return right then & there.  My mobile “office” is complete with printer. This can take up to one hour. or I take the information to my office and prepare your tax return. then

                 I return to your home, office, or where ever you’ve chosen and we go over your return thoroughly.  If all is correct I will have you sign the necessary forms authorizing me to e-file your return.  Your copy of your tax return is compiled to include all substantiating paperwork/receipts, etc.. This visit averages about 20 minutes, depending on number of entries.  Your taxes are done!

Our level of customer service has been maintained throughout the implementation of  regulations now in place for anyone who prepares taxes for a fee; to protect you, the tax payer.  All certified tax preparers throughout California are subject to the same education requirements.   In 2002 I took the required course (through H & R Block) to allow me to continue to do taxes on a “professional” level.  I scored a 97.79% overall for the entire course.  I have maintained this certification through continuing education, as required each year.  Most importantly, I enjoy the reading (research), the numbers, the forms and utilizing these resources to ensure you receive every credit, adjustment to income  & deduction you have coming! And all for a reasonable cost to you.